Dr. Jakob's practice philosophy emanates from a basic truth: There is no single treatment modality or technique that will afford everybody relief of their pain.  Therefore, the only means of improving outcomes and helping as many people as possible is for the doctor to amass many distinct treatment options and then methodically and systematically utilize them until a winning combination is found.  Through accurate diagnosis, as well as abundant experience regarding which treatments work best for any given condition, Dr. Jakob matches up the patient with the treatments that would likely work best.  The treatment is fine tuned on each subsequent visit based on the subjective response of the patient.  It is with this simple, yet truly remarkable approach that we coined our practice name to be Distinct Pain Solutions, as this entirely and clearly depicts who we are and what we provide.
Our Practice Philosophy

At Distinct Pain Solutions,
we think outside the box to provide you effective solutions for your painful conditions.
What's the number one reason you would resist chiropractic care?A) I've heard too many horror stories
B) My friends/family would think I'm nuts
C) My doctor wouldn't approve
D) Chiropractic care doesn't seem to work
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