At least once a day, a patient will comment to us that they've never before experienced chiropractic care the way that they have at our office.  We really are different, and it shows in the amount of time we spend with you, our equipment, and our thought out, methodical clinical approach.
Real quality of care 
starts with me listening to you.
Please read below to find out how we treat you the way we would like to be treated if we were in pain and needed quality care.
At Distinct Pain Solutions we always...
-spend adequate time during the initial consultation to evaluate you and provide an honest assessment of the problem, as well as propose what we believe to be an effective treatment plan.

-spend time during each subsequent visit to evaluate the progress made between visits so that the most appropriate plan of action can be implemented on that days' visit.

-aim to provide the best results within the shortest amount of time.

-discontinue a particular modality or technique if it proves useless.

-discharge patient's who's condition has entirely resolved, plateaued, or is unresponsive to care.

-refer patients to an alternate provider or specialist if the care they need is outside the scope of what we can offer.

-provide the absolute best care we can in a warm, compassionate environment through honest, ethical, and reliable treatment.
At Distinct Pain Solutions we never...
-provide you with 'factory-like' care that is not personalized and never gets updated or revised.

-tell you that you are getting better when you are not.

-make you sign on the dotted line for pre-pay extended care.

-urge you to keep making appointments when your condition has long resolved.

-make you wait long periods of time to be seen (at times this is beyond our control).

-try to talk you out of seeing other specialists if your pain persists despite an adequate attempt at our office.

-utilize high thrust manipulations to your neck or low back (we prefer a more gentle approach).

-use scare tactics to keep you returning for more care.

-tell you unproven, unscientific information.

-provide care/advice that is more in line with maximizing profits than it is maximizing your outcome. 
Simply put, Distinct Pain Solutions is the ideal practice for an individual in pain who seeks highly personal, effective care from an honest, ethical chiropractor with an abundance of experience and clinical success.
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