At Distinct Pain Solutions, we use a combination of highly effective modalities that you probably won't find at your average chiropractic office.  Moreover, we methodically combine these distinct modalities to produce a synergistic effect, leading to outstanding outcomes.
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We proudly offer:

1) Cox Technique (aka flexion distraction, manual spinal decompression):  Using the revolutionary Millennium Edition Cox table, we can effectively treat virtually any spinal mechanical disorder.

2) Spinal Decompression Therapy: Painless, effective care for chronic, tough-to-treat spinal disorders using the Triton DTS decompression device.  Covered by most policies!

3) The ATM2 Device:  An amazing device that can instantly restore painful range of motion.

4) Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization:  Effectively and quickly heals soft tissue problems no matter how chronic and long standing.

5) Neuromuscular Re-Education Technique:  A hands-on approach to chronic or acute muscular problems.  This technique stretches and elongates soft tissue and resolves chronic pain and restrictions. 

6) Kinesio-Taping: A completely new approach to taping, this method was used extensively in the 2008 summer Olympic games in Beijing on American Athletes.

7) Vertetrac:  A new Israeli invention now allows traction while on a treadmill. An excellent choice for chronic or acute spinal disorders.

8) Low Level (cold) Laser:  This FDA cleared technology uses concentrated laser light to produce profound therapeutic effects that promote rapid healing and recovery from injury.

9) Conventional physical therapeutic modalities including electrical stimulation and ultrasound. 
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